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Castle Handyman
Selection of fiction, information and chat.
Stories by Quillis
A text-only archive of Quillis's spanking fiction.
Goldies' Tails
An archive of spanking parodies of Goldielocks and the Three Bears by a variety of authors.
Nothing But Text
An archive of spanking stories including the all entries to soc.sexuality.spanking's summer short story contest.
Saint Francis School for Girls
Archive of schoolgirl spanking stories and links by Mary Catherine Whitney and Dean Andrew Michaels.
Jojasa's Stories
Collection of M/F erotic spanking, D/s and BDSM stories.
Old Tom Archive
Caning and spanking stories with a D/s flavor, an art gallery, links and resources.
Playground of the Mind
Story series wherein a woman learns about spankings and submission.
The Hotseat
Alan Harshaw's F/M adult spanking stories, erotic and disciplinary.
Ranger's Story Site
A collection of original M/M stories in the domestic discipline category.
Tales from a Switch
An archive of adult spanking short stories and novellas by Rollin Hand, many with the M/F and F/M switching dynamic.
Pablo & Mija's Treehouse
Pablo Stubbs and Mija archive of their adult and child (school and parental) spanking fiction as well as real life accounts.
Abel's Spanking Stories
A collection of spanking and caning stories, written by Abel Jenkins
A collection of spanking pics, stories and links.
LurkingCol's Spanking Stories
A collection of erotic spanking stories of mixed genres.
Harry's Homepage
An archive of the author's stories from and soc.sexuality.spanking.
The Basement: Rusty and Hedeia's M/M Discipline Fiction Slash
Discipline fiction stories (M/M) of loving gay couples in discipline relationships.
Stories by John Benson
An archive of stories by and soc.sexuality spanking author John Benson.
The Spanking Corner
An extensive archive of stories from a number of and soc.sexuality.spanking writers, many with school or parental themes.
Sarah Veitch's CP Web Site
Excerpts of Sarah's spanking novels.
Spanking Stories by Livia Yoran
A selection of stories (mostly science fiction) by Livia Yoran.
Ianboy's Discipline Homepage
Homepage of ianboy from London, UK. This is a resource site with information on discipline and bondage, with related images, stories, opinion and links to other useful BDSM sites. M/M in focus.
Julinick's Story Nook
A collection of stories mostly F/M genre.
Spanked Ass
Erotic stories.
Jessica's Story
Discipline oriented spanking fiction emphasizing the trials and tribulations of growing up.
Heidi Leigh's Hideaway
Original stories, articles and response letters by Heidi Leigh and Sven.
Nelson's Library
A collection of original stories focusing on M/M discipline relationships between loving gay couples.
E Love Stories
A story site with spankings and/or enemas.
Elizabeth Marshall Stories
M/m discipline stories: Caring OTK spankings and gentle enemas.
Corner Time Reflections
Adult M/M discipline stories and awards for a variety of writers.

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