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Adojo Shaolin Kempo Karate Center
Livingston, New Jersey: A full service Karate center offering group and private lessons from ages 4 and up. Located in Livingston, New Jersey. Style is cross between Shaolin Temple Boxing, Kung Fu, Kempo, Ju Jitsu, Karate, and Chin Na (white tiger).
Beijing Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy
Located in Santa Monica, California. Offering instruction in traditional Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Curriculum includes all classical styles of Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Modern Wushu, Shuai Jiao, and Sanshou.
Central Shaolin Martial Arts
Home of the Chung Yen club headed by Grandmaster Hiang Kwang The. Includes news, events, class information and club history. Located in Lexington, Kentucky.
Chan Wushu Gung Fu
Teaching Chan Wushu Gung Fu Chinese Shaolin freestyle boxing. History of style, lessons, pricing and schedule.
China Hand Gung Fu Academy
Brick, NJ: Shaolin Long Fist Site with complete information on kung fu and chinese culture
Chinese Kung Fu Club of DeKalb
The Chinese Kung Fu Club of DeKalb, Illinois. Headed by Master Arthur Berry. Features history, instructor information, styles taught, and links.
Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association
New York, New York: Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Chinese martial arts. Grandmaster Alan Lee, a Taoist priest and Kung-Fu Wu-Su Grandmaster, is the driving force behind a system which teaches Shaolin and other temple arts.
Chinese Martial Arts Institute
Farmers Branch,TX (a suburb of Dallas): The school incorporates a highly innovative way of teaching traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, by mixing weekly private lessons with group workouts and practice.
Chinese Shaolin Center
Located in Georgia. Teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Contains lineage and history, curriculum, video and pictures.
Chinese Shao-lin Center Bay Area
San Jose, CA: Instruction in traditional Shao-lin internal and external kung fu under the auspices of Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard and Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'. Features school and membership information, schedule, instructor history and lineage.
Chinese Shaolin Center, Las Vegas
Chinese Shaolin Center, Las Vegas, Nevada teaches Shao-Lin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pa Kua Chang, and Hsing I
Chinese Shao-Lin Center Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA. Teaching Shao-Lin Kung Fu for self-defense, health, and fitness. Features history, instructor information, styles taught, contact information and links.
Crisp Martial Arts: Su Lum Fa Kung-Fu
Wilmington, North Carolina: Created By Grandmaster Stover. History by Sifu Chris Redmond. Recognized by Master Al Church.
David Diaz's Shaolin Hung Gar
Richardson, Texas: Kung Fu School with profiles on the instructors.
EBM Kung Fu Academy
Oakland, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara California: Recognized California State Nonprofit Corporation whose purpose is to provide the public with authentic instruction in the Chinese martial arts of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, San Shou, Hsing I Ch'uan and T'ai Chi Ch'uan, as well as Ch'i Kung, body conditioning and meditation.
Far East Fighting Arts School of Kung Fu
Beaverton, OR: A Wu Tang six animal kung fu school teaching Bear, Praying Mantis, Crane, Cobra, Tiger, Dragon, Iron Palm, Chin Na, Tai Chi and Chi Kung.
FU-Shaung-Tzu Temple
Syracuse, NY: FU-Shuang-Tzu Temple with Sifu Daniel Hammond
Han Bai
Washington D.C. Teaching Han Bai Kung Fu, the Vietnamese martial art with roots in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. History, techniques, activities and events.
Harmonious Fist Chinese Athletic Association
Los Angeles, California: Northern Shaolim style chinese boxing, offering forms, weapons, Yang style Tai Chi Ch'uan, and self defense.
Houston Shaolin Temple - Shi De Shan
In Houston, Texas. Headed by Master Shi De Shan, a 31st generation disciple and martial monk (wu seng) from the Shao lin Temple, Songshan Mountain, Henan Province, China.
International Shaolin Wushu Center
Training center operated by Master Shi Xing Ying, 32nd generation disciple of Henan's Shaolin Temple, in Houston, Texas. He trains students in Shaolin Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu, 18 weapons, Tai Chi, and Self-Defense.
Jing Mo Physical Culture (Athletic) Association
San Bruno, California: Jing Mo school which teaches northern Shaolin, Tai-Chi Praying Mantis, Yang and Sung style Tai Chi, Hsing-I and lion dancing.
Kung Fu Los Angeles
Emphasizing the Shaolin Chuan (Shaolin Fist) style, taught by Monk Chin C. Li in 1940, the school covers fighting techniques, weapons, forms, Qi Gong (breathing), and Tai Chi.
Las Vegas Kung Fu Academy
Las Vegas, NV. Specializing in Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun. Features history, news, testimonials and contact information.
Li Kwai Shaolin Association
Teach traditional Northern Shaolin 5-Animal style, or Wu Xing Ba Fa. Includes lineage, curriculum details, and contact information. Located in Longwood, Florida.
Ling Nam Siu Lum Kung Fu Academy
Long Island, NY: Teaches traditional Hung Gar and Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques, including weapons sets and lion dancing. Emphasis on Southern Shaolin styles.
Liu Institute - Shaolin Martial Arts
Mobile, Alabama: Offers Shaolin kungfu, wushu, taiji, qigong and other martial arts training by internationally renowned Master Shawn Liu Xiangyang. Offers seminars world-wide.
Liu Institute New Orleans
Master Liu (De Ru) is a 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple and head master of the institute. He teaches many internal/external disciplines including Shaolin Kungfu/Wushu, Taiji, Qigong, San Shou and Health Wellness Programs.
Lohan School of Shaolin
Las Vegas, NV: Traditional and spiritual forms of northern shaolin, tai chi and seven star praying mantis, lion dancing, 18 classical weapons, and internal chi gong under Sifu Steven Baugh. Features history, lineage, photos, and contact information.
Mullins Shao-Lin Kung Fu
Traditional Shao-Lin Kung Fu and Tai Chi taught in East Tennessee area. Contains history, school information, message board, and events.

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